How Reiki can help you

Reiki is healing technique based on the principle that all issues, whether mental, physical or emotional, have arisen due to blockages in our own energy systems. To enable our own energy to flow freely and activate the body’s own healing processes we need to break up these blockages and this is what Reiki does! As a Reiki Master I have been attuned to be a channel for the Universal energy that is all around us, this energy comes through me the therapist, into the client and slowly over time breaks up the blockages in the clients energy that have built up, enabling your own energy to move more freely around your body and as such activating the body’s own healing processes, restoring physical, mental and emotional health and well being.

Mikao Usui

This system of healing was developed by Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 20th century. He ‘discovered’ it while he was on a 21 day pilgrimage he healed himself of tooth ache and from here went on to set out a system of attunments, symbols and a set of principles to live life by.

Just for today –
Do not get angry
Do not worry
Be thankful
Work hard
Be kind to others

Reiki is a non-invasive complementary therapy that has only been taught and used in the West since the 1970s’. Reiki is very versatile and can be used alongside Western medicine or used as a stand alone treatment. It has been shown to be very effective in relieving stress, which is a contributing factor to many illness of the modern world.

Reiki is given while laying on a massage table fully clothed in a quiet environment and is safe for adults, children, mothers to-be, babies and animals. Practitioners either treat hands on or hands off, I treat hands on.

As with the majority of energy work the practitioner works intuitively, but there are a couple of standard treatments that I offer, a Healing attunement and Aura Cleansing both work on specific areas and issues and are very powerful methods of healing that often have immediate and dramatic results. A full hands on treatment is recommenced afterwards. As always you will be properly grounded before leaving.


One hour treatment including consultation and debrief.

After the Consultation the client lies fully clothed on a massage table, then asked to close their eyes and focus on what they would like to achieve from todays treatment. Just relax and enjoy the experience. I will start at the top of your head and move towards your feet, where I will ensure you are well grounded in the here and now before you leave . Through the session you may fall asleep or not, you may see colours or even visions or you may not experience anything. You may feel I am focusing on some areas more than others may hands may feel hot or cold, We will discuss all this in the debrief afterward.


Healing attunement & Aura Cleanse

One and half hour treatment including consultation and debrief.

The first part of this treatment will start with the client sat in a chair, the client will be asked several questions about their issue such as if it had a shape what shape would it be, is it dense or light? what colour is it and where in the body is it located? the client is then encouraged to focus on this shape while sitting with their eyes closed with their hands in prayer. I will then starting at their back, conduct the attunment or cleansing. I will be placing my hands on the head and shoulder moving in front of them making movements in front of them, this will take 10-15 minutes then I will ask if there is any change to the shape, has it moved, gotten lighter tor even gone? This process will be repeated until the shape has gone. The client will then move to the massage bed and receive a full hands on modified Reiki treatment.

Client may need several visits to completely remove issue/shape.



One and a half hour treatment including consultation and debrief.

Palo Santo cleanse
head massage, Reiki treatment, Thai foot massage or Reflexology treatment,
finished with a Selenite brush down.



The session usually lasts 30 minute but can be extended.

Distance Healing is a technique within the system of Reiki. It enables to give a Reiki session beyond the limitations of time and space. The practitioner transmits spiritual energy beyond physical touch. Recipient and Reiki healer are not in the same room.

The practitioner schedules a time and date with the recipient for the distance Reiki session. It is recommended that the client is in a receptive state, by lying down or meditating during the treatment. The Reiki healer then visualises the client. The use of Reiki symbols and the chanting of mantras support the healer to send healing energy to the recipient.



Helen puts you at ease as soon as you enter, the treatment room is lovely bright and airy, very comfortable for any treatment. I had my chakras balanced today followed by Reiki, with busy stressful lives we all live now, give yourself a treat and book a treatment.
Helen introduced me to Reiki and I find this completely transforming, even though I had been reluctant to set aside my doubts about its effectiveness. I can scarcely find the words to explain and praise what reiki does for me and how gently Helen guides the patient through this therapy.