Welcome to your path to wellness

Helens Healing Space is a female only space offering a holistic approach to healing, using treatments that empower woman to heal themselves from within, while feeling amazing at the same time. Helen uses energy healing tools such as Reiki and Crystal therapy together with massage skills that incorporate Reiki and Chinese meridian lines such as Indian Head Massage and Thai Foot Massage. Helen’s Healing Space also offers Swedish Massage, which by relieving muscle tension is both relaxing and energising.

Helen Rankmore

Hello, my name is Helen and I started using Reiki around 15 years ago. I was going through a difficult time in my life, and it came to me when I was looking for something to fill my spare time, there was a Reiki course on the local college, Id never heard of it but thought Id give it a go and I was hooked!!!

Over the next 4 years I found a close community through Reiki and progressed through my 2nd Level and finally my Reiki Teacher/Master. Reiki helped me in so many ways and when I was receiving level 2 I felt a profound shift/change within me which made me realise I wanted to be able to introduce this wonderful practice to others, and this has continued along with my journey with Reiki. At the time I was working as a nurse (as I still am) and though ‘healing’ has always been a part of my journey I felt I could heal much more deeply and instantly with Reiki. I was living in Jersey at the time but making plans to return to Cardiff, my home town. I knew that it would be a good idea to have a couple of different therapies under my belt and completed my Level 3 Swedish Massage course before leaving Jersey.

Since I have been in Cardiff I have expanded my therapy base, Crystal healing, Indian Head Massage and Thai Foot massage, which all work well together and within my philosophy of treating Mind, Body and Spirt as one and not as separate entities I finally set up Helens Healing Space in 2019 and pre pandemic was slowing growing and progression at a speed at which I was very happy about, then the Pandemic hit!! Thankfully I had my Nursing profession to fall back into this pass year, but now I am hoping that Helens Healing Space will continue to grow so that I have the opportunity to show as many people as possible the beauty of Reiki.


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